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The Rich’s Holiday Party

December 22, 2014

We have to say that this year has been quite amazing: business has been great, we’re surrounded by people that we truly care about and we have been able to participate on some things that benefit great causes like Cancer Awareness and Toys for Tots.

We thought it would be nice to give back to some of those that we really care about so we decided to have a little gathering alongside with Once Upon a Vine. We will ALWAYS support local businesses and alongside with Once Upon a Vine, we had our little event catered by River City Wood Fire Pizza – their specialty is to have a mobile Wood Fire Oven and they cook everything on the spot to achieve maximum freshness. Needless to say, the pizza was delicious. Thanks again for everyone who came out and for those who won some of our prices like gift certificates to some of the local businesses around us like: The Mill and Stir Crazy, hope you spend it well!

Thanks again for everyone who came and we hope everyone has fabulous holidays!


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