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More Than A Logo

July 19, 2014



It’s been our experience that promotional products that are more than a logo create a longer lasting impression. When people think of promotional products, the first thing that typically comes to mind is having a logo on a pen, hat, tote bag and so on. That is typically effective marketing in the sense that someone who might have been previously exposed to your brand will remember you in the future when they are trying to make a purchasing decision.

For a better marketing success rate, we typically advise our clients to not only include a brand name but a cause attached to it too. Let us elaborate, for example if you’re making tote bags to give out to potential customers, include a cause such as “Brand X, proud sponsor of Cause A – helping the community since 19XX”. Whatever the cause maybe, it’s a great marketing stragety to attach yourself to positive need and events.

An eye catching design should also be part of your advertising plan, it has to be unique and memorable. Incorporating colors of a cause and also of your company could help the consumer easily identify what you are trying to accomplish, which is the ability of them remembering you and what you support.

In order to convey such a big idea you may want to consider using bigger mediums such as buttons, hats, water bottles and bags. Things like pens or the similar might not work as well.

The last piece of advise that we bring to you is to stay away from topics that reflect any radical political and religious values unless that is what your organization stands for. Again, you want the message to be positive and you want the most amount of people to relate to your cause and company. Don’t limit yourself by choosing a topic that is too narrow or different, advocating for fund raisers that help the health industry, kids and/or address problems in the community that need to be solved are all great topics.

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