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Helping Others: Building a Library in Africa

July 02, 2014

Helping Others

Rich’s Stitches is a company that tries to stay actively involved in projects in our community as well as projects that help people overseas. Honestly we don’t have much to offer other than our products and services, this is the best way that we know how to help others out there. We’ve collaborated with Frances Hess, a Peace Corps Volunteer and Unity of Richmond to help a community in Namibia, Africa. The lack of education in some of these less fortunate countries has always been a hot topic so we, as a company, wanted to get involved and help build a library at a school there. Here is a bit of what we’ve been doing as a combined effort to help this particular community in Africa:

“Three large boxes of books arrived in Namibia, arranged through Frances Hess, the week she was leaving country.  In total it was 10,000 books.  She has continued to support the school and government agency responsible for categorizing the books.  The school has taken full ownership of the project, arranging space, purchasing shelves and supporting the agency responsible for categorizing in order to officially open the library.  This makes this program community supported with great sustainability for years to come.  Frances also started a reading program in which students are rewarded for their achievements.”

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“Chris Rich of Rich’s Stitches provided bags, notepads, pencils and pens in order to continue to support this program.  Unity of Richmond just sent the items over and the school should be receiving them within the first few weeks of the Library opening.”

Frances says, “One of the things we strive for as Peace Corps Volunteers is to become part of the community and support programs that remain sustainable. As you can see from the continued work of the community and government, this project is sustainable and will empower readers for years to come.  Thank you Unity of Richmond, you were the first group to send the initial books and prizes and continue to empower this program.”

Rich’s Stitches could not have been more happy to be a part of this amazing combined effort. We’re always striving to make a positive impact in people’s lives.

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