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Have You Donated For The Holidays?

December 09, 2014

Rich’s Stiches and the MacArthur Merchant’s Association is in a partnership with Toy’s for Tots to collect and donate for those who aren’t so lucky to have families that can provide for them.

This is something that every merchant that belongs to the McArthur Merchant’s Association is doing and it is in conjunction to our Christmas Parade happening on December 13th at 11am.

Rich’s Stitches is a family owned business and recognizes the importance of connecting with our community and this is why we try to stay involved on causes that we feel benefits others in a positive way.

We’d love to see you all during our Christmas event here on McArthur Ave. there will be lots of activities for the whole family. We’ve described the event in detail so check out one of our previous posts here.

So remember to drop by your toy donations by our store or at any other store on McArthur Ave.

Also, if you’re still shopping for a unique gift for a friend or a loved one Rich’s Stitches has a fabulous guide of gifts, with a bunch starting at less than $15. These are personalized gifts that you could buy for your whole family. Visit our online holiday store right here.
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