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July 20, 2016


Liz Slate has participated in and was very successful in the sport of softball (both slow-pitch and fast-pitch) for the past 35+ years at the highest level and in all aspects (playing, umpiring, directing, etc.) and still has lots of love and passion for the sport.  She was inducted into the Virginia USSSA Hall of Fame in the Female Player Category in 2012.   After 10+ years with the Ruckus organization, Liz decided to break away and form her own team; thus, the High Rollers Softball Team was born.  A little bit of history – back in the late 1970’s/early 1980’s, Liz played for her first really competitive women’s tournament team – the High Rollers.  Knowing how much success and fun that team had, Liz wanted to share her passion and love for the sport with the younger generation, not to mention the fact that she always wants to help young women accomplish their goals of playing softball at the highest level.  The modern High Rollers team has players from various colleges on all levels – it is a good mix of veteran and young players with the goal of allowing the players to work on their game while having fun and with absolutely no pressure.  Seeing the smiles and joy on their faces is all the thanks Liz needs.  “I feel like I’ve come full circle – the “back-in-the-day” High Rollers to the new generation High Rollers.”

Special thanks and kudos go to Chris and Celia Rich and Rich’s Stitches for helping Liz with the uniforms over these many years!

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