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Ti’s the Season for… Football!

September 24, 2014

Football season has already started which means lots of events themed around football. This is a great way to bring friends and family together but it is expected for some to have disagreements on which team is best. This is where Rich’s Stitches can offer you some really cool ideas to bring friends, coworkers and clients together!

Instead of picking a team why don’t you bring your brand or family name into football memorabilia as a way to unite two opposing sides? Let’s take a look at what Rich’s Stitches has in store for you!

Foam Football

Yes, yes, we know… You see these everywhere! But there are a few reasons for that: they are light, fun, and double as stress relievers. What’s really great about these little toys is that it can live on someone’s desk for pretty much an unlimited amount of time. People will think twice before getting rid of them because they resonate with those who are into football and even those who aren’t because of its novelty.

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Bootle Openers

We’d be lying if we said that beer and football don’t go hand in hand. So for your next party or event with a football theme, why don’t you hand out these great looking bottle openers. This is a great marketing tool because people will be excited to carry them around and show them off to their friends and family, they are incredibly portable!

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Football Jersey’s & T-Shirts

Another way to bring family and friends together by offering something that they can wear as a team. This is not only great for company parties but for family get togethers where you promote an idea or brand instead of a specific team. These come in many different sizes and in a couple of different materials suitable for children, women and men.

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Bonus Item – Inflatable Vinyl Footballs

This is a variation of an actual football that can be held in your hand, except it is a lot more compact and cost efficient. They are still fun to play with and can be easily distributed to the masses with your company information or branding.

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