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Three Products For Your Outdoor Explorers

March 17, 2015

We’re all guilty of it, we promise ourselves that we will make it a habit to go to the gym for the New Year. Well three months have gone by and we may not have stuck to our original plan. Spring is just around the corner and you’ll probably be spending some time outdoors. Being active during the Spring and Fall is much easier than doing it with the extreme temperatures of Winter and Summer. Here are three products that your clients will appreciate greatly now that they’ll be spending some time outdoors.
Suntan Lotion with SPF
You’re supposed to replace your sunscreen every year, but most of us don’t. So why not share sunscreen with your clients not only to remind them that you’re thinking about their well being but also to showcase your brand when people are out and about.
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Does a modern smartphone have a pedometer app? Probably! But it tends to drain your battery very quickly and most people who want to go out and enjoy a walk or a jog want to be able to do it distraction (smartphone) free. This is a great way to encourage your clients to be healthy and fit.
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First Aid Kit
Accidents happen, and sometimes you’d think something as basic as a first aid kit is something that people keep handy. Having one in your car and in your house should be a must for everyone to treat minor injuries. I bet a lot of your clients haven’t thought of buying this for themselves and even if they do, they’ll have a spare that they can keep in a place that they frequent.
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