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Text Later Live Longer

March 10, 2015



We deal with so many different clients every day here at Rich’s Stitches and we think each one of them is doing something unique and special. We get to know a lot of them personally because most of the businesses that we help are typically local ones so it’s easy to get to know who is in charge and know their mission. Every once in a while we get a client that we help that is extra special and is really doing something to change the community for the better.

Text Later Live Longer is a campaign aimed to saving lives by encouraging people to well…. Text Later! There is no text that is that urgent that you have to be distracted and endanger one’s life or the lives of others.

A little bit about their campaign:

“Text Later Live Longer”

A Bumper sticker campaign to save lives by encouraging people not to Text and Drive.

Founded in April 2013 by Rebecca Ellison and Shawn Kelley (Campus Law Enforcement Officers)

Rebecca and Shawn have distributed well over 30,000 stickers across all 50 states and 44 countries.

The “Text Later Live Longer” campaign travels to all types of events to include health and safety related expos, College and High School Campuses as well as Police, Fire and Sheriff Department events.

You can learn more about them by visiting their Facebook Page

Or you can follow them on Twitter

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