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Techie Gifts for Your Clients

January 25, 2015


Looking to promote your business in a more…21st century kind of way?  While t-shirts and hoodies and hats are awesome swag to get your brand name out there and coveted by your most loyal clients, they might not be for everyone.  Some of your clients may be stuck in suits all day, what can you offer them?  I know!  Something everyone needs these days; tech support!  We have loads of USB flash drives, phone accessories, battery chargers with lots including warranties!

Everyone has a flash drive, in their desk, on their keychain, we can even offer wrist band USBs.  From saving family photos (NOT just to Facebook!) to backing up your financial templates, a flash drive is essential these days.  We literally offer hundreds of these things in all different colors shapes and sizes.  We even have an awesome phone case with a USB stored in it for iPhone 4 and 5.

If flash drive isn’t your thing, we have an on-the-go rechargeable power bank for those of your clients who need their phone 24/7 and it has a built in flashlight so they can conduct business in the dark!  We have lots of touch screen phone stylus’ to choose from, for those who want to keep their screen clean, or just like wielding their power with a flourish.  We also offer Touch Screen Soft Stylus Gloves.

Finally help your client take that working gym hour with our neoprene smart phone wrist band.  They can still take their calls on that treadmill with our noise-reducing earbuds with microphone.
With everyone on the go these days, its nice having a little back-up tech support.  So put your name on those handy little gadgets that keep us organized in a fast paced world and your customers will be reminded every time that you’re there for backup!
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