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Richmond Virginia Curling Club: Embroidery & Screen Printing

March 12, 2014

We’re very excited and proud to have the Richmond Virginia Curling Club as one of our clients. At Rich’s Stitches we enjoy helping local businesses and clubs get their brand presence out there and what better way to represent that than with great looking matching jackets! This is just proof of the flexibility of our product and the many uses that it can be applied to. It doesn’t matter what kind of industry or business you are in, because we can make a product that really showcases and unites your name or brand.

Thanks again Richmond Virginia Curling Club for letting us be a part of your club!

If you’d like to find more about the Richmond Virginia Curling Club please visit the following link http://www.curlingva.com

For all your screen printing, embroidery and promotional items; call Rich’s Stitches (804) 262-3477

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