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Rebranding in the New Year

January 03, 2015


All the tinsel has been taken down and all the new year’s glitter has fallen, and maybe like the new year weight we’ve all gained, your business is feeling sluggish and lack luster. There’s nothing that can regain momentum and help get the pep back in your step like a new coat of paint. Rebrand your business!

Even just the slightest change of color scheme can boost your relevancy and revenue in 2015. Not only does this signify that you’re excited and enthusiastic about bringing the best quality in products or services to your customers, it can add a big boost to moral for your employees who will in turn reflect your energy. Bringing this fresh vitality to your work space will turn heads and give competitors a run for their money. Give yourself the attitude and logo with the new “it” factor.

Your vision and new direction can materialize, literally, with our help! Whether its T-shirts for your crew, mugs too sell, or beer cozies to throw around, we are here to focus on providing quality printing and embroidery on promotional items for a reasonable cost. A family owned local businesses ourselves, we’ve been around for over 25 years and want to help get your name out there to keep this network of small Richmond business owners growing! We can work with different budgets and sizes of orders that’s right for you.

Help keep your small business growing throughout the decades and update your look every once in a while. Rebranding can get new customers interested and keep your old ones coming back for more. Maybe it can even help keep your passion for what you do alive a thriving!

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