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Northside Coalition for Children

August 13, 2014


Rich’s Stitches is always committed to the our community, this is why when we received this beautiful message from the “Northside Coalition for Children” we know we are doing the right thing!

“Dear Chris,
As I have already said many times, and cannot reiterate enough, we all thank you so much for donating the shirts to our organization. The event was a huge success, we made just under 1,000 backpacks and were able to service close to 600 children. This means that 600 kids in the City of Richmond will have supplies and materials to start the school year, which is an amazing thing. Because of the shirts, volunteers, as well as any parent or child that needed assistance, were able to easily find an organization member to help them. Without the t-shirts, no one would not have been able to tell us apart from our volunteers.  We all had a great time and, thanks to your business, our backpack rally ran more smoothly than ever before.


Everything is greatly appreciated.


Matt Vozar”

Honestly, we didn’t even think that I thank you was in order, as a business in Richmond we feel like it is a duty to help in any way that we can. We’re so proud to be part of this amazing community and we’re so grateful to have been taken into consideration as participants of this event.

We encourage everyone to visit their website at Northside Coaltion for Children to see how you can also get involved and help these kids in need.




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