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Light Up Bouncy Ball – Featured Product

June 18, 2014


When people think of promotional products we think of things like: pens, tote bags, key chains and stickers. Those are great staple sample products but the reality is that you can pretty much turn anything into a promotional product. A company needs to do whatever it takes to stand out and that can be in the form of many advertising platforms.

One of our most successful marketing campaigns was for NTouchTel based right here out of Ashland, Virginia. From their website:

“NTouchTel.com strives to become a market leader with emerging businesses, multi-site health care facilities, and school systems by helping them develop and maintain the most innovative, dependable, and economical business solutions available to allow them to meet their customer’s needs through an ever improving line of communication services”

When NTouchTel came to Rich’s Stitches they said they wanted to showcase the fact that they are a company that is modern, innovative and unique.

The light up bouncy ball was something

that came to mind almost immediately, it was something unusual and modern. It was a concept that hadn’t been done a million times over and that showcased technology in a compact and cost effective product.

They gave out the product at a public venue and it was a big success, you could tell because those things were all over the place. Adults and kids alike had them in their hands, bouncing all over the place. Everyone knew who they were and they wanted to come to their booth to get one.

The ultimate goal of a promotional product is to have know your company’s or brand’s name known. NTouchTel was able to achieve this by providing a fun and attractive product, not only attracting more people to their booth so they could interact with more customers but also have them take their brand name with them. This is a product that will definitely be remembered by the attendees.

To find out more about promotional products and what they can do your brand, give us a call at (804) 262-3477

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