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Halloween Marks the Beginning of the Holidays

October 09, 2014

Can you believe its already October and that we’re only a couple weeks away from Halloween? Yeah, neither can we. This year has gone flying by! Something that came to mind the other day as I was helping a client is “how do you market and stay relevant in people’s mind during the holidays?”

It’s a very simple answer, as with any kind of marketing that you are doing, it is important to observe the season and the holidays around that particular time period.

There are different opportunities to market around Halloween including throwing a Halloween or costume party, sending company branded goodie bags or mugs to your clients with assorted halloween candy and novelties, or even just an email newsletter reminding them on the different types of Halloween events in the area.

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Thanksgiving is a very family oriented holiday and it is about being grateful for the life we have, it is also considered the kick off for holiday shopping season. Remind your clients or potential customers that you are thankful for them and that you wish them happy holidays. You can send them a greeting card wishing them happy holidays, sending them a gift basket or even just sending them a gift card to a coffee shop or a holiday day themed store. There are many ways to show appreciation to your clients, just make sure you do something! They’ll remember you next time they need a service or product you provide if you do.

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There are so many opportunities around this time to put yourself in front of your customers that you shouldn’t have a problem coming up with ideas but just in case you’re having difficulty here are a few: christmas / holiday cards, gift baskets, offers, coupons, gift cards and coupons. I think what’s important to remember is that other companies and retailers are trying to put themselves infront of customers also so originality may be key here.

Some ideas that are out of the ordinary

* Christmas ornaments
* Small light up gift boxes
* Snow globes
* Photo frames

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Don’t forget using other tools at your disposal such as your website and social media outlets.

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