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Give Rewards This New Year

January 13, 2015

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At Rich’s Stitches we’re always looking for new ways to get your name out there, that doesn’t just mean to market externally but sometimes building a brand is also about rewarding your employees and best customers with different gifts. We offer a great array of products and services that can be used as something both useful and as company branding.

We’ve had such great success with some of our best clients when we offer products like wine bags that they can in turn give to their best customers. You’re giving a present that is both useful and that puts a company’s brand out there.

Looking to reward your best salesperson, or remind potential clients how your services could help them?  Having seasonally relevant promotional items is good for any business!  We provide a variety of winter weather appropriate items like embroidered hoodies, cozy blankets for those top clients and umbrellas for those nasty weather days, just to name a few!

Not only is it the season for keeping warm and rewarding your workers and big spenders, but why not reward yourself as well?  Use this investment in your own business as a write-off this tax season.  Promotional items; money spent on marketing qualifies as a business expense! Etmbroider those beanies and reap the benefits in more ways than one!

Don’t think of these promotional items as something that you only have to hand out to complete strangers but instead think of your immediate network of people as your first line of defense when it comes to marketing! They’ll be the ones most likely to give you a positive review which will be especially true if you give them a gift or product that they could truly use or that they’ll truly love.

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