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Fall Promotional Product Line

September 17, 2014

We have entered a new season, one of Rich’s Stitches personal favorites, and we would like to offer some great ideas for promotional products that can really make an impact on your business and brand.

They live in every office or home and with the temperature getting a little cooler as we head into the Fall Season, a mug might be a great and constant reminder that your company is at your client’s service.

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Beer Glass
In addition to that, there is a lot of beer festivals going around town, so even a beer glass or mug is a different and creative way to encourage people to think of you. What’s great about a beer mug is that not a lot of people have them so it is somewhat considered a novelty item that could potentially get a lot of use depending on your audience.

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Ponchos, Blankets, Sweatshirts
These may be a little pricey, but hear us out on these options. These come in all colors of the rainbow and in different materials so therefore there are many different price points for them. They can add up if you buy them in bulk so you may not want to hand these out to everyone at a convention or trade show however, it is a great way to reinforce your brand with existing clients and employees. What is really great about this type of product is that it lasts a very long time. It’s not something that is easily tossed away and it serves an actual purpose.

Remember that when you’re coming up with a style, pick something classic and simple. This will increase your chances of people wearing it more, also don’t add too much promotional information except maybe a logo and a website to keep one single focal point.

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Rain Ponchos & Umbrellas
People really hate getting rained on and these two promotional products are great to solve that problem.

Rain Ponchos
These are affordable since they are made from plastic and are very compact so you know they won’t take up too much space in your storage room before handing them out. You can get some rain ponchos for less than a $1.00 a piece. The only downside is that they don’t tend to be very durable and people might think of them disposable items.

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These do last a long time, or they at least supposed to. Again, this may be one of those items that you give out to prospective clients or existing ones. They can be a bit expensive but they can be well worth it if they get good use from it. An umbrella has high functionality so you can get a little creative with colors and patterns here to attract attention since someone is not physically wearing it on their body.

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