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Embroidery End of Winter Promotion

February 18, 2015

Rich’s Stitches is always looking out for our customers – whether they are new or existing. We are offering 1 FREE setup of your logo for embroidery if you order 50+ pieces of apparel, there is typically a fee associated with the setup of your logo for embroidery. This fee is usually calculated on an hourly rate of $45, which would be our gift to you. 
For our existing customers, you will receive a 10% discount off your order of 50+ pieces of apparel. There isn’t any restrictions as to what apparel is included: tote bags, shirts, caps, vests, you name it! Most business owners are trying to figure what pieces of marketing material they’ll need for the rest of the year, plus it’s always good to keep some on hand for when you need them the most. 
This promotion expires the end of March 2015 so make sure to take advantage of it today! 
*This offer only applies to embroidery items.
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