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March 04, 2015

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Are you the kind of person that goes to the grocery store and brings their own bags? Or someone who prefers paper over plastic? I think to some degree we all want to be conscious of the type of carbon footprint that we’ll leave throughout our lifetimes, after all we have started to see the effects of how our environment has changed due to the way we treat our planet. We love promotional products here at Rich’s Stitches, but we also know that some of the products we sell aren’t necessarily very friendly to the environment, this is why we have a whole section dedicated to Eco-Friendly Promotional products.

One of the reasons why people tend to stay away from eco-friendly products is because they can be expensive but to be completely honest there are some really great options that will fit any budget, including yours. Yes, this is a small step to being a better business and person, plus your clients will appreciate the way you go about promoting your business.

You can check out our full line of eco-friendly products by following this link, however here’s a couple of our favorites:

Totes Bags
You can find so many uses for tote bags and most importantly, they are completely reusable. They are great for groceries and just to carry all sorts of random things around!


Jar Opener
This is made from recycled tires, which we all know are bio degradable. Two things that we love about this product: it’s affordable and it’s unique. Your customers will definitely appreciate this handy little present.


We are mostly glued to our phones, and our tablets…. and our computers. Yes, we have a lot of electronics laying around nowadays but nothing beats a handy little notebook for when those gadgets fail us. Notebooks are still the best writing tool out there and these are especially great because they are eco-friendly.


Don’t see what you want in our online catalog? Give us a call and we can cover some of our other options for your business.

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