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10 Hot Summer Products

July 11, 2014

Here at Rich’s Stitches we’re always figuring out fun and original ways to promote our customer’s brands. We’re constantly running great specials but today we’re featuring ten products that really stand out for the summer.



Flip Flops

Need we say more? This item is synonymous to summer. It’s a great way to represent your brand and have your customers take your name brand to whatever fun adventures they may end up in the next couple of months.


Silicon Slap Bracelets

This is a product that all the family can enjoy. It’s colorful and resistant to the elements. This product is inexpensive and has a lot of staying power. Slap bracelets also don’t take much space so they are easy to carry around and distribute.


Wine Glass

Who doesn’t love wine? Wine is great, summer wine is great and these tumbler wine glasses are a great way to have a highly functional product in a lot of your potential client’s homes. Get creative with this and make them a collector’s item, with different themes and versions.



We all love music and the majority of your clients are likely to already have an mp3 player in the form of a smartphone. Summer is all about traveling, visiting family or even just going on an adventure. Earbuds can be a great paring for those who are all about enjoying the summer travel.


Stone Coasters

This is a personal favorite of ours. Stone is a great moisture absorbent so unlike glass or plastic coasters, these will absorb all the liquid dripping down a cool drink on a hot summer day. We also really like the durability of these coaster since unlike glass, have a tendency to last a little longer. This can make a great conversation piece for social gatherings!


Yoga Matts

People like working out, or at least the idea of working out. Even if your client does not end up using the yoga matt because they are not into fitness, they will give it to a friend who is. This is great marketing because not only will your client be reminded of your brand but now their friend who is into fitness will also know about you. This can also put your company in a positive light because you will be the company that promotes healthy living!


Reflective Safety Strap Bracelet

We’ve already covered why Strap Bracelets are great but how do you make a product that is already fun and simple into an even greater product? Make it revolve around safety! Safety is a concern of most adult individuals, whether it is for themselves or their families. You may even have people coming up to you asking for more of these to get a set of them!


Cell Phone Card Holder

It is very likely that your client has two things in their pockets or purse right now, a credit card and a cellphone. This is already a great product on its own, it’s cellphone case that acts like a wallet! The products that find the most success are the ones that are the most practical. You can’t get anymore practical than a cellphone card holder.



Sunglasses are essential during the summer. These are lightweight, water resistant and come in fun colors. This can pretty much can be a walking advertisement for your brand since this item will live in people’s faces all summer long and some days during the fall. Everyone loves sunglasses and they make an amazing promotional product!


Silicone Link Bracelet

These are ideal for people who want to raise awareness to a cause or event. They come in bold colors and stretch out to fit any wrist. This is a great conversation starter because it definitely stands out from traditional bracelets. A lot of thought has gone into the design of this product to ensure that your idea receives maximum exposure!


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